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Information included about Lord Darlington:
Full name: not mentioned in the book
Date and place of death: In 1953; probably in Darlington Hall
Main events in his life:~
Survivors: None
Memorial service:~

The obituary (by Mr. Stevens):
Lord Darlington, died 12 October 1953 in his bedroom at Darlington Hall, after a period of illness.

Born 18 August 1891 in Salisbury,England, Lord Darlington lived mostly in Darlington Hall. His lordship was a true, old-fashioned English gentleman throughout his whole life. The good man was enthusiastic about and devoted to international affairs. He worked very hard during the 1920s and 1930s to hold meetings aimed at creating an opportunity for peaceful discussions between people of international significance. He genuinely believed that his work would truly help the world and felt that it was honourable to offer generosity and friendship to a defeated enemy. Although in his later years of life, his lordship was criticized for being a supporter of the Nazis in Germany and for being too naive, with some reports even describing him as a puppet of Herr Hitler, Lord Darlington only meant for the best for the world.

There was an especially vicious newspaper which accused his lordship of truly terrible things even after the war ended. When his lordship was unable to continue suffering in silence, he sincerely believed that he would get justice if he took this up in court. Unfortunately, his lordship's good name was instead destroyed, causing him a torturing illness which slowly ended his life. It is hoped that all who knew Lord Darlington personally when he was alive will not come to think badly of his lordship because of these reports. His lordship deserves to be remembered as he was to each individual.

A memorial service will be held at 11:00am, 19 October, in All Saints Parish Church, Darlington Village, followed by a reception at Darlington Hall. All who wish to pay their final respects to his lordship are welcome on that day.

May he rest in peace.

An obituary by the newspaper press:
Lord Darlington, died 12 October 1953 in Darlington Hall, after a long illness.

Born 18 August 1891 in Salisbury of England, Lord Darlington spent almost all his life in Darlington Hall. His lordship was undeniably an old-fashioned Victorian gentleman, and was said to be keen to accomplish honourable things. He became quite famous for being a generous sympathizer for the defeated enemy.

However, in the later years of his life and after the war, Lord Darlington accused this very newspaper press of wrongly reporting that he supported the Nazis, the enemies, and their ideas. After losing a libel case against this paper, his reputation was destroyed, and he became very ill.

Unfortunately, Lord Darlington was too naive to see the truth that he had became Herr Hitler's puppet, and still genuinely believed he was doing something honourable and right. He was also too stubborn to listen to the advice of his godson, Mr Reginald Cardinal, one of our reporters who was tragically killed in Belgium in 1944, and so even Mr Cardinal himself wrote articles criticising him

A memorial service will be held at 11:00am on 19 October, in the parish church next to Darlington Hall.

Agnes: Okay, so I made up several dates, and Salisbury was the place Stevens stayed in at the end of his first day of his trip, so it should be quite near Darlington Hall itself. Please help me correct it if the dates are somehow unreasonable. Thank you.
By the way, I have also did another obituary supposedly written by one who was in the newspaper press and knew both Mr Cardinal and Lord Darlington. And so, the first one was written by Mr. Stevens. Please also correct them if they do not sound like they were written by who were supposed to write them.

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